powerBRAVA Convertible




    EN1865-3:2015 (EN 1789:2007+A2:2014)

    Different solutions with one system: Incubator transport, Patient transport, possibility to place a DIN-Stretcher like a basket stretcher on the system


    Suitable Table for the powerBRAVA TG1000 Convertible here




    KARTSANA powerBRAVA TG1000 Convertible

    • V2A-Frame for easy cleaning
    • Bracket for Incubator from Hissin (P1) und MedCare Vision (NeoSaveIII) (optional)
    • Bracket for Incubator from Hissin (P2) (optional)
    • Possibility to place our upper stretcher MTR120 on the system (optional)
    • 4-Point holder for DIN-stretchers 13025 and 13024 in case of event of a disaster. Not EN1789 tested. (optional)