The Silver with a load capacity of 230 kg is designed for facile transport and moving of heavy weight or obese patients and for the daily rescue service as well.

    The Silver works fully automatically so that the paramedics do not have to spend any physical effort any more.

    Suitable Table for the SILVER here

    Suitable accessories for the SILVER here





    KARTSANA ELECTRIC STRETCHER TG1100 without Mattress,
    EN1865-3:2015 (EN 1789:2007+A2:2014)




    • All-metal X-frame construction
    • Infinite height adjustment
    • Adjustable loading height up to 786 mm
    • Retractable head section of stretcher trolley
    • 4 pivoting wheels, two of them with brakes and pivoting is lockable
    • Adjustable backrest
    • 2 collapsible side rails
    • 3-point safety belt for shoulder and abdomen
    • 2-point safety belt for legs
    • Aluminium plate for cardiac massage
    • Stretcher with position Trendelenburg
    • 1 detachable accumulator
    • Integrated charging unit
    • Battery management and electrical control devices
    • Lifting capacity up to 230 kg
    • 3 anchorage points for 10GAccessories (selectable)- Mattress
    • - Infusion bottle holder