BravoBase Hoverboard



    The air-suspended Hoverboard BravoBase for Kartsana Stretcher Table R1001 BRAVO1 for loading the powerBRAVA into the vehicle. 

    Depending on road conditions, the fully automatic air suspension can absorb up to eighty percent of the impacts. Not only heavyweight patients, but also newborn babies in incubators, experience an easy and comfortable ride.      

    Max.: Loading weight 380 kg

    Note: BRAVO Stretcher Table R1001 is extra needed.

    Video Loading of Hoverboard




    BravoBase Hoverboard according to EN 1789:2014, EN1865-5:2012, ECE R17  


    • Made of stainless steel and aluminium
    • Automatic weight adjustment to the patient
    • Hydraulic suspension, stroke max 170 mm
    • Automatic lowering (loading position for stretcher), when the Stretcher Table is pulled out.
    • Compressor hermetically sealed, external box possible for less noise in the vehicle, 12 volt, 25 ampere
    • Length: 2050 mm
    • Width: 605 mm
    • Lowest postion: 135 mm
    • Working height: 230 mm
    • Reanimation height: 310 mm (option)
    • Weight incl. BRAVO-Stretcher Table R1001: 142 kg (without lateral movement) / 170 kg (with lateral movement)
    • Max loading weight 380 kg
    • Max. possible height for vehicle floor: 72 cm 
    • Pneumatic lateral movement 250mm to the left and right side (option)
    • Optional height position of reanimation with 310mm (option)