The newly developed CHAMP is the perfect device for the immobilisation and traction of the Hip an lower extremity Fractures.
    In an upcoming Situation the CHAMP applies immobilisation and traction to the affected limb, re-aligning the fracture and thus, avoiding unnecessary pain and internal bleeding during the evacuation to the hospital.
    The CHAMP can be used independently as a pelvic sling or in combination as a traction device.
    Optional: The CHAMP is part of the Standard Type B + C Equipment of any ambulance according to the European Standard EN1789
    Application examples:
    - Serious traffic accidents
    - Sport accidents
    - Work accidents
    - Accidental falls in a domestic environment
    - Military use



    Technical Data

    CHAMP Pelvic Sling in three different positions:
    - First level:   71 - 130 cm
    - Second level:   79 - 140 cm
    - Third level:   91 - 152 cm 

    - Easily applied, passing it under the patient's backside
    - Accurate compression of the hip by a newly developed lock mechanism
    - Suitable for CT, MRI and X-Ray
    CHAMP Traction Splint
    Adjustable teleskopic Splint 72,5 - 110,7 cm
    CHAMP delivery
    Pelvic sling
    Traction Splint
    Carry bag
    Optional: Standard Typ B + C equipment in accordance with the European Standard EN1789