KARTSANA One-piece Stretcher

    KARTSANA-Mounts for Stretchers TG241 – TG244 more






  • KARTSANA-Roll-In-Stretcher TG244 DIN EN 1865/1789

    Chassis with a folding frame and adjustable height (Automatic Unfolding Legs System)

    • Individually adjustable backrest supported by gas pressure shock absorbers
    • 4 comfort wheels diameter 200mm, two of them pivoting
    • Rear wheels with brakes
    • Trolley with one intermediate position
    • 4 telescopic handles
    • 2 lengthwise collapsible side rails
    • foldable profile in backrest zone to maneuver at difficult access olaces
    • 1 set of safety belts for shoulder, abdomen and legs
    • Double adjustable leg profile for release of abdominal wall
    •  1 collapsible footrest
    • Aluminium plate for cardiac massage
    • Kartsana telescopic IV drip holder
    • P359 mattress

    2 Loading hights:               596 / 641 mm
    Length:                  1972 mm
    Weight:                  48 kg
    Max. load:             190 kg
    Width:                    572 mm 

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